Week of January 21st

My Goal this Week: This week I will call (not email, not text, not just think about, but actually CALL) three family members that I have not spoken to in awhile just to say hello, how are you and love you lots!

My Experience this Week: (Tues) Interesting start to my goal this week…it is clear that we have become a society that is technologically held hostage! I tried to call two family members that I have not actually spoken too in years and as it turns out I don’t even have their numbers…LOL! I have only been emailing or “face-booking” them…I actually had to send an email to get their numbers…that made me laugh. Which made me wonder if phone books are now obsolete? I don’t think we even have one…haha…I will keep trying to CALL. 🙂

FINAL: Okay, the final post for my experience this past week is a little overdue…I really have to work at scheduling time in my week to update this blog. The challenge I faced this week was an internal struggle. A struggle between reaching out with love or holding onto hurt feelings. The three people I had chosen to reach out to this week are people that would not be easy for me to talk to. Not only did I have to send emails to get their phone numbers but then the VERY little time I had to actually call was spent wondering what to say. Do I bring up the past with it’s hurts, disappointments and sadness or just say hello? Can I even put all those feelings behind me and reach out without expectation but only to reconnect? What if they don’t really want to talk to me? I had no idea when I set this goal how hard it would be. But I really wanted to “stretch” my comfort zone and not just reach out to family members that I talk to all the time. So needless to say, the week came and went quickly and I only made one call. But what I learned about myself this week is that I have to work on forgiving the other two family members for the past hurts. Because the only person that holding onto those feelings is hurting…is me!

~ Hoping you find a way to Be Connected~

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