A Poem to Share…

Through the years, during the ups and downs, I have always used writing as an outlet….a way to get my thoughts and feelings out so I could remember the joy or learn from the hurt. Here I will share different poems at different times from my life. I have not shared my writing with too many people so this will be a huge “stretch” for me outside of my comfort zone….hooray!

My father passed away in 2008 from a long, 17 year, battle with ALS. His military service metals hanging in our parents home still leave me in awe. He was an incredible man and became my best friend. I feel so blessed to have had a father so dedicated to our country and his family. I wrote this for him when I moved to Denver, CO. He and I are the only ones that have ever read this so sharing this on my blog is a huge for me. I hope you enjoy…


How strong you must have been
To overcome all you have
You learned to be strong
Caring and devoted
At a young age
You were put to the test
And in my eyes
With flying colors you passed
War has no winners or losers
Only survivors
You did your duty
Supported your country
With no questions asked
Although you were young
You accepted this challenge
And in some way it aided
In molding this man, my dad
You are stronger than any man I know
Not only in mind and body
But even more in spirit
I cherish every word spoken
Every lesson given
And every hug shared
In my heart, you are always with me
With a smile on your face
You have loved me through trials
And held me through pain
You gave me your strong mind
Enduring will and your stubborness
None of which I would trade
And just as you supported our country then
You now support me
With no questions asked
Through the years
Our relationship has changed
We are so much closer and stronger now
And from the bottom of my heart
I hope you know how very much
I love the man you have become
My best friend, my dad, my hero!


Me and My Dad, Lee
(before ALS symptoms put him in a wheelchair)


2 thoughts on “A Poem to Share…

  1. AWESOME BABY!!! I probably should of read this at home and not at work because there are tears rolling down my face.I know how huge that was of u to share and i am proud of u for doing so and i know your dad is looking down on u with pride and telling all the other angels “yep thats my beautiful,talented,amazing daughter. he he he” Love u babe.

    • Hi Baby…thank you for the awesome message and your support – means a lot to me. Now I am crying at work…LOL…I know my Dad is proud and watching over me. 🙂 He loved my writing so I hope I am on the right path.
      Love you!

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