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Hi…thank you for visiting my first blog.

Over the past few months I started feeling a “little tug” inside of me to be more connected to the source of all life, to those around me and to the world around me. Call it my age (I refuse to disclose…you are as old as you feel right?) Anyway…I decided to start watching programs on TV that “fed my soul” rather than just mindless TV. I don’t get much TV time these days with a 16 month old so this change was quite challenging. But one Sunday I was up earlier than normal with our daughter and came across the OWN channel (Oprah’s network). The program on was called Super Soul Sunday and the guest speaker that morning was Marianne Williamson. I had heard of her before from Dr. Wayne Dyer through his PBS specials and seminars. But I had not read her books or heard her speak. I was glued to the TV!!! She discussed her book “A Return to Love” that explains her ideas and life experiences based on a book she read called “A Course in Miracles”. She talked about how love is the key to inner peace and how accepting God (in the form that each of us can relate to) can lead us to be miracle workers in our own lives leaving us more fulfilled and leaving a more peaceful world for our children.

Her words and story touched me so deeply that I immediately ordered her book for my Kindle and started reading it that night. Each chapter in this book spoke to me. Every word fed my soul and page by page I was realizing how much I was super involved in only “my little universe”. My world of trying to work 2 jobs, handle and manage a household, raise a daughter and step daughter, clean the house, do the laundry, feed the cat, do the shopping, plan the menus, be a wife and maybe catch a little sleep now and then…was all about me! Where was I REALLY connecting to anything or anyone else except for the occasional family birthday party or get together or quick lunch with a girlfriend.

I started planning a few more lunches with girlfriends and a couple get togethers at our house but I still wasn’t feeling the connection I was looking for. I started meditating and spending time quietly to start the process. I ran into Kinko’s one day and saw a book about organizing your life week by week with small goals, etc. Immediately I was drawn to the book like something was calling me saying “this is for you”. I thought…if I could get my crazy life more organized then maybe I would have more time to “get connected”. And it was Christmas time so what better timing to start a goal like this for the new year. And the last Sunday of 2012 I read the first goal for the week and started implementing changes (which I am still doing).

Then I was walking into work on Monday, January 14th and saw a man walking towards me with his head to the ground. He looked as though he might be homeless or at least down on his luck. Clothes a little dirty, hair a mess, etc. Normally I would just walk by as I was checking Facebook on my phone. But then I thought “why not say hello…it might make his day”…so I decided to try and make eye contact and smile. When I did…the words “Good Morning” just came right out. The look he gave me I will never forget…he reluctantly smiled and said hello but there was a light in his eyes that seemed to say “thank you for noticing I am a person too”.

I got into the office, checked Facebook and instantly decided to start setting a goal every week that would help me truly “return to love” (a return to my relationship with God and what that means to me, and a return to loving myself and those around me). I wanted these goals to stretch the boundaries of  my comfort zone. Goals that would help me feel connected to the people and the world around me. Goals that connected me to the source of all life and see where it takes me. So…this blog is the thoughts and feelings surrounding my journey for the next 52 weeks of setting goals each week that return me to love and get me more connected….I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying experiencing it.

God Bless & Be Connected,



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